Our technology concept

We are an OEM specialist providing security technology solutions for sales recording systems in different areas, making sales tax collection more efficient and tax compliance easier.

We develop, produce and sell tailor-made fiscal compliance solutions for all kinds of sales recording systems; cash registers of all kinds, taximeters, vending machines, ticket kiosks, parking meters, fuel pumps etc - in different business sectors world-wide, specifically required by national fiscal legislations or directly procured by governments.

Compliance sectors: retail, hospitality, service, taxi, transport ticketing, parking

Government decision makers are deciding the conditions for our product demand. Our clients are sales recording systems producers and providers.

As experts in fiscal policy for sales recording systems, regulatory trends and technology requirements including having early-stage interactions with governments, we can offer our clients a first mover advantage to ensure their existing market shares or capture new markets once new or updated fiscal regulations are launched.

We help you to stay ahead in your markets by facilitating product compliance to fiscal technical regulations

We have a track-record from our presence on a number of European markets, having provided 150 000 units out of a total 500 000, see Products and Use Cases.

Fiscal Data Module

Our fiscal solutions are based on a generic modular technology platform, developed on Intel Quark components secure fiscal data modules that will fit any type of sales recording system.

The generic technology platform has a “library” of hardware and software functionalities to choose from that enables a cost-efficient solution matching every jurisdiction’s specific requirements expressed in a market’s fiscal regulations or call for tenders.

Our fiscal data module it is integrated with a sales recording system through a secured protocol according to the approval or certification requirements expressed in national technical provisions. We offer a ready-to-use integration toolbox for of sales recording system providers and suppliers in software patching/upgrades. The integration process is made on provider/supplier level and not at end-user level.

We provide flexible cloud-based solutions, facilitating fiscal compliance and supporting business growth for end-users