Hospitality focus

Belgian Government introduced in 2014 a similar legislation to the Swedish, “The Certified Cash Register System: a tool in combating VAT fraud”.

The regulations mandates hospitality businesses – hotels and restaurants - to use a cash register integrated with a tamper proof certified control unit - the so called fiscal data module (FDM). The FDM secures sales data with an e-signature on a smart card. Similarly to Sweden, the revenue authority in charge – the Ministry of Finance - retrieves data with an SD-card offline in on-site inspections.

The technical requirements are publicly notified and implemented by open competition among technology providers. Approximately 30 000 cash registers are now equipped with an FDM.

The FDM is sold together with the cash register as a complete system. Unique identification of cash registers is required and the possession of a cash register must be declared.

The FDM certification is performed in-house at the Belgian Ministry of Finance.
In order to incentivize implementation and ease tax payers’ obligation to take costs for upgrading equipment, the Government has offered hospitality businesses a slightly lower social tax rate.

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“The Certified Cash Register System: a tool in combating VAT fraud” is presented at the Belgian Ministry of Finance website in French or Dutch.

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