Safety devices for sales data integrity protection

Each year tax evasion by manipulation of the cash registers is costing Austrian citizens and the Austrian State Treasury €1 billion annually. The new Cash Register Ordinance “on the technical details for security mechanisms in cash registers and other data protection measures” (Registrierkassensicherheitsverordnung RKSV) is aiming to get to the root of the problem.

From mid-2016 use of certified cash registers is mandatory for businesses in retail, hospitality and service sectors for businesses reaching over an annual turnover of €15 000 provided that its cash transactions (including bank card payments, credit cards) exceed €7 500 net per year.

The Ordinance is a Cash Register Security Regulation issued by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance. It requires taxpayers to ensure tamper-proof records of sales transactions and for this purpose specifies standard technical and organizational features for the so called safety devices used in cash registers.
In addition, the new law mandates businesses to produce a receipt for payments and offer it to the consumer. The latter must receive it and take it the outside of the business premises.

The purpose of the safety device is to protect the cash register against data tampering and non-reporting attempts by signing every purchase receipt with an electronic signature, using a private key which is stored on it and is assigned to the business owner/tax payer. A safety device needs a signature certificate provided by the Government designated service provider; the Austrian Rundfunk und Telekom Regulierungs-GmbH (RTR). No specific certification of safety devices or cash registers is needed for single installations.

The technical requirements are publicly notified and implemented by open competition among technology providers.

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Detailed information is available on the Ministry of Finance webpage FinanzOnline. In order to be compliant, registration of safety devices and cash registers must be made via this webpage, where you find all necessary information in German.

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