We specialize in fiscal solutions - security technology - for sales recording systems; cash registers (ECR/POS), taximeters, vending machines, transport ticketing kiosks, parking meters, fuel pumps etc. used in a range of business sectors.

Our technology secures recorded sales data with the purpose to deter, prevent and detect underreporting of sales tax; sales suppression. It makes fiscal data easily accessible for tax auditing purposes. It makes sales suppression traceable and detectable, ultimately contributing to a more efficient tax collection and facilitating tax compliance for tax payers.

We provide proven anti-fraud technology and trusted connectivity to secure fiscal sales data for efficient tax audit and collection

A Success Story

Retail Innovation HTT AB started in 2007 when the Cash Register Act was adopted in Sweden, a legislation aimed at restoring fair business competition conditions in the marketplace. The Swedish Government needed to curb sales tax fraud and a growing underground economy in targeted sectors that cost huge amounts in lost tax revenue every year. Learn more on Use Case Sweden.

We were one of the first providers of the fiscal control unit required by the new cash register regulations: the fiscal box CleanCash© Today 90 000 cash registers are equipped with a CleanCash©.

The Swedish legislation that made use of innovative technology to recuperate revenues lost turned into a success story: a €1 billion tax revenue boost during the three years after implementation.

From a strong home market position we are expanding globally; we continuously develop our product offering and expertise. Today we have provided 150 000 units on four European markets out of a total 500 000 and we are expanding globally into a global presence.